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The Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Singapore is a non-profit organization representing Dutch business interests in Singapore.

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (S) is mainly:
1) A Business network
2) A Platform

1. Business Network

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore is committed to connecting businesses and creating business opportunities. We do this through business events and match-making in close cooperation with the Dutch Embassy and other international chambers and business networks in Singapore.

2. Platform

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore aims to provide a platform for member companies to showcase their particular skills and knowledge in their area of industry as to share their practices for learning and to contribute to and facilitate aspiring companies to set-up their businesses in Singapore. Through our website, newsletter or industry focused committees it is possible to gain extra exposure for your venture(s) in Singapore.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to connect with any one of our members for more information and help on the various topics.