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Most of us are privileged and able to enjoy the riches of Singapore. Unfortunately not everybody can say the same. Wouldn’t it be great to express your care by helping the underprivileged?

Even in Singapore there are groups of people who fall through the cracks… The Netherlands Charity Association (NCA) is an independent and non-profit organisation established in 1968 and officially registered with the Registry of Societies of Singapore (no. S81SS0008A).We raise funds to support local projects and initiatives that do not rely on support from the government. We depend entirely on contributions from individual supporters, corporate sponsorships and fundraising activities.

Our three most common fundraising activities are the annual Charity Christmas Fair, where we host other local and 
regional charities as well as retailers, the Garage Sale where we sell donated goods and Fairs at the Hollandse Club and other venues where we sell our products.Yearly membership contributions make up the remaining proceeds collected. To get a good idea of what we do, please read our Newsletters.


In 1968, a group of enthusiastic Dutch women started the Netherlands Charity Association, hence the name. They wanted to support a small children’s orphanage in Singapore, where they did activities with the children as well as finding sponsor money to support them. This developed into an organization that made small items to be sold at fairs, and grew into what we are now. Originally our objectives included helping physically and mentally retarded people, the aged and homeless as well as orphans. Our aim now is to alleviate the suffering of the underprivileged in Singapore.

Singapore is a relatively young country that developed from a trading post into a prosperous nation. Many people came to Singapore in search of a better future. Although Singapore looks very rich and metropolitan, there is still a group of people who are not able to get by and are trying to make ends meet each day. Don’t be misled by the glamor of Orchard Road.

Charities we currently support:

• The Breadline Group
• H.O.M.E.
• Singapore Leprosy Relief Association
• Sanctuary House
• Good Shepherd Centre
• M.I.N.D.S.
• Lee Ah Mooi old age home

NCA Donations

Yearly we check whether these organizations received substantial government support or other financial support. If the organizations become too large (Soc. of the Physically Disabled; Boy’s Town, Polytechnic students, each receiving extensive governmental support) our relatively small donation is not making a significant difference in their day-to-day business. Therefore, some of the organizations we supported in the past have stopped receiving donations from us.

Lee Ah Mooi en M.I.N.D.S. don’t get monetary donations but donated goods instead. M.I.N.D.S. collects all unsold articles from the Garage Sale; Lee Ah Mooi received a donation in goods donated by Unilever via the NCA. H.O.M.E. and SiLRA also received part of the Unilever donation of soaps and shampoos.

Make a difference:

With our donations we make a significant difference for the organization. Without our donation some of the activities can not take place f.e. Sanctuary House takes babies by bus to doctor appointments. With our help, they can take them in a taxi; and we support the H.O.M.E. sewing studio with sewing supplies, boxes etc. Via Breadline we support families as well as students in need.

Our Committee consists of volunteers, most of them are in Singapore on short term assignments and therefore we have a large turnover of our committee members.

We love to see continuity in the support of our Charities and organizations, so we need constant backing to maintain our funds.

Please donate generously and help us make a difference.